Sand Hard Wood Flooring

Even the best wood floors are subject to damage. With time, hardwood floors scratch, dull, and begin to look old. That should not be cause for concern, as hardwoods can be replenished to look new again. Sanding your floors and floorboards is a lot easier than you probably expect and it’s possible to achieve an amazing result and have a fresh new-looking floor. To restore the wood’s original appearance and shine, change its color or finish, or blend it with newly added wood.

Before attempting the refinishing of a wood floor, know what you’re tackling first. Is your floor old floorboards that have been covered with carpet? Are they good enough for sanding and finishing? Whether you have a solid wood or engineered wood floor in your home, knowing how to sand it properly is important so that you can maintain the health and beauty of the floor. Contact our sales department and we will walk you through the entire process. we’re here to help. Simply give us a call on 07379393270. The benefits are many so let’s take a look at some to help decide if it is for you.

Why to sand the floor ? (Floor Sanding Benefits)

Wood is a soft material and will naturally scratch and discolour after prolonged use. A good quality sanding can strip the floor down to its original form, enabling you to refinish it with fresh lacquer, colour stains, or oils. You will be able to choose various levels of shine and texture. It’s also cheaper and better for the environment as it will reduce the amount of waste.

Is it cheaper to refinish or replace hardwood floors?

Sanding and refinishing is always cheaper than replacing hardwood floors. With the latter, you’d be paying not only for the new wood but also for the labor of ripping out the old wood and toting it away.

Your floor is thirsty, Oil your floor.

Firstly, oiled wood flooring helps with its longevity. The oil revives the appearance of the floor. It also protects the floor’s surface, to keep it looking brand new for longer. Without oil protecting the surface, your wood will drink up any water and moisture. If this water gets into the wood, the floor will move and can cause long-term damage. The Oils we use do not create a film on the surface of the wood which makes it very easy to maintain. A great option if you love the natural feel of timber, these boards are lightly brushed to remove the softer fibres between the harder grain. If you oil wood with vegetable oil it will go rancid, whereas mineral oil will not.

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