Gap Filling

This is a process during which gaps between the floor boards are filled.

We fill gaps around door thresholds and skirting boards and between parquet blocks. Our team works with materials and finishes that are odorless and free of chemicals and solvents. Finishes are available in different colors to match your flooring.



The most popular method to undertake is the Dust & Resin Mix. This is where the fine dust generated during the floor sanding process is mixed with a resin to form a paste, which is then worked into the gaps. This method is undoubtedly the most commonly used form of gap filling used on wooden floors by Floor Sanding Contractors.

If the floor is being sanded, perhaps the best way to fill the gaps between planks or parquet is to use a dust and resin mixture. In this method the fine dust which is generated during the sanding process is mixed with a resin compound to form a paste.

The benefit of this method is the exact match concerning the flooring color. This is the least effective way as it can easily crack and fall out, however this method is least costly than others.

Silver & wooden

The floorboard slivers we offer are specially made from reclaimed wood to match the color of the old Victorian pine floorboards. We hammer the strips of wood into the gap, and then the excess is shaved before the sanding process. Slivers are strips of pine wood fitted and glued down into the gaps – another process applicable mainly for wider gaps and often recommend for pine floorboards.

Silver & wooden methods above are applied before the floor sanding process is complete as the last sanding will smoothen the surface and prepare it for the oiling or varnishing.


mastic such as the Bona Gap Master filler can be used for tiny gaps between the planks, cracks, minor repairs and filling around beadings and skirting boards. You can find this filler in various colors and it is the ideal application on already finished floors.

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